3 Silicone Makeup Sponges


Set of 3 silicone makeup sponges, shapes may vary.
✅ USE LESS MAKEUP – The sponge has zero absorption which saves you money with a newfound radiant complexion. Great alternative to porous sponges.
✅ PREMIUM MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE – Made of the highest quality silicone. Very difficult to break and feels soft on your skin. Our tiny egg shape tools are game changers.
✅ BPA FREE & HYPOALLERGENIC – Safe to use on your skin Non-porous to eliminate bacteria and maintain clear skin. Dermatologist recommended.
✅ CLEAN IN SECONDS – Easily wipe off & use the same clear sponge for everything.



Regular makeup sponges absorb product causing waste & mixing with old product.

Silicone has zero absorption so you use less product AND stay pure AND luminous AND reduce chance for breakouts


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